Pick An Agent

Jack Binkley talks about service from a real estate agent:

Even before becoming a licensed REALTOR© early in 1994, I had over twenty years of varied background as a real estate professional.

Many people come into my career after experience selling something else. Some of them really learn about real estate, and I'm proud to share knowledge with them. We help each other better serve our clients and customers. Sadly, some agents never learn much about real estate at all. They know how to sell, and they do, but the people they sell to and sell for get short-changed.

It makes sense to deal with a true real estate professional, someone with over thirty-five years of knowledge on a broad range of real estate matters, someone who can help you understand property values, construction, financing & mortgages, real estate & city/municipal laws, taxation, and the many documents that are a part of dealing with real estate.

It also makes sense to deal with a real estate professional who understands and supports the legal and ethical rules that govern the conduct of the profession; and an agent who uses all the best modern tools to give the best service possible.

One final thing that makes sense is choosing a real estate agent that likes people and likes the work, an agent with energy and enthusiasm, who knows that providing quality service benefits everyone involved.

Now with well over thirty-five years of real estate experience, I offer the friendliness, knowledge and dedication that provide the important mix of ingredients discussed above. I work very hard every day at providing the highest levels of service.

I'd be pleased to put that energy to work for you.